Premier Travel (U10-U19)

Premier Program. Competitive -Travel (U10-U19)

About Atlantic United Premier Travel

(Competitive Travel) Premier programs goal is to attract the very best boys and girls in Atlantic County that are serious about learning the game of soccer, who want to improved and who’s parents are willing to learn and be educated as well about youth soccer. Winning is important in our program; however, winning is not be emphasized until the U13/U14 age. We strive to put players on teams that are equivalent with their skill level and desire to learn through yearly tryouts. Our intent is to have at least one boys team and at least one girls team playing in each age group U10 and above.

Many players and parents shy away from competitive travel team soccer because of misperceptions of travel requirements.  Common misperceptions are the amount of travel actually done in the travel program, time commitment, and finances.
Generally speaking, our travel teams will play a nine-game schedule in the fall and a nine-game schedule in the spring.  Half of the games are played at home at the Tartaglio Soccer Complex and half the games are away. Most of the away games are played within 1hr 10minutes away. Teams will play in at least 2-4 yearly tournaments. As a technique, most teams participate in one or two local tournaments and one far tournament per session (i.e. Lancaster, PA, Milford, DE or Neptune, NJ). Traveling to tournaments is an excellent team and family bonding experience.  Premier team practices are two – three nights per week and are held in and around Galloway.

All Premier travel teams get professional coaching/training and are overseen by a Director of Coaching. During the winter months, most of our travel teams play an indoor version of soccer called FUTSAL.  Futsal is a skill-intensive form of the game and is played on a basketball court-sized play area.  It is very good for developing individual and team technical skills.

To alleviate some of the added financial requirements, many of the teams execute a number of fundraisers throughout the soccer year.  Funds raised are applied to each of the team member’s accounts, lowering their fees. The club offers the option of making payments throughout the year online.  And the Club has a financial aid / scholarship program to help offset fees.

Tryouts for Premier teams usually occur towards the end April to early part of May. All premier teams participate in EDP level leagues. Try-out information is posted elsewhere on this website.  Teams are always seeking committed players looking to play at a higher level of soccer. For more information please contact Director of Coaching ,Kelvin Murray at:

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